Marsblade O1 Kraft Team - Junior

Marsblade O1 chassis complete with our Kraft Team boot. The O1 off-ice roller skates are powered by the patented Flow Motion Technology, a unique rocker that simulates ice skating, challenge players' balance and activate the right muscles to improve on-ice performance.

The patented Flow Motion Technology is based on a split chassis design with a rounded upper part rocking against a flat lower part. This creates a unique rocking motion that replicates the radius shaped ice blade and enables an ice-like skate feel. The Rocker is also designed to challenge players' balance and activate the core and stabilizer muscles to maximize your off-ice training with a completely different skating feel and training effectiveness compared to regular rigid inline skates.
A high-quality hockey boot that offers great fit, support and performance for recreational and aspiring elite players serious at improving their on-ice skills. Constructed with injection molded composite PVC and heat moldable for a nice custom fit. Comes in Youth, Junior and Senior skate sizes (Y12-11.5) and standard D-width.
- Marsblade O1 Chassis x 2
- Marsblade Kraft Team Boot x 2

- Revision Static Asphalt Wheels (82A hardness) that offers great speed, grip and wear resistance on outdoor surfaces:

* 8x76mm + 2x72mm (skate sizes 8-11.5)
* 8x72mm + 2x68mm (skate sizes 6-7.5)
* 8x68mm + 2x64mm (skate sizes 3-5.5)
* 8x59mm (skate sizes Y12-2)

- Bearings x 16
- Wheel Axles x 8
- Bearing Spacers x 8
- Multitool x 2
- Tech Manual/User Guide x 1


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